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Spring Decorating Using the Colors of Green and White

Winter itself is such a pretty season, especially when it snows, but most of the days are dreary and dark and lack color. Finally when spring comes and everything starts to bloom and bud, the shade of green seems most welcoming. It is a fresh color and fits perfectly to the nature. These are decorations using green to celebrate the freshness of the spring season and to welcome it with cheer.



Spring Decorating With Green and White 1
The supplies for this centerpiece were purchased at a local decorating store here in Germany called “Depot”.

Spring Decorating With Green and White 2
Little birdies add the feeling of spring to this centerpiece.

Spring Decorating With Green and White 3
To assemble a similar decoration, you need a long white wooden tray, moss, 3 candle glasses, one larger and the other two smaller (these are nice with the decorations on them), white sand, 2 green tea lights and 2 ceramic birds in the colors of green and white.

Spring Decorating With Green and White 4
First arrange the candle glasses on the tray where you would like to have them. Then add the birds onto the tray. Place moss around these items to cover most of the bottom of the tray. Then add the sand to the glasses about 1/4 full and place a tea light then in each glass.




Spring Decorating With Green and White 5
This is a decoration for the window sill. A large candle glass is filled partially with green rocks and a large green candle is added to the glass.

Spring Decorating With Green and White 6
3 small white artificial tulips are placed onto the rocks to add a feeling of spring.

Spring Decorating With Green and White 7
Here a small wooden carry box was filled with artificial green plants and moss. So simple.

Spring Table Centerpiece
A large glass cylinder filled with white sand and a candle was placed on a plate. Then twigs were placed all around the glass. Little clip on birds in colors matching the candle were added to the twigs.




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Spring Decorating With Green and White





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