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Crafts and Decorations for Spring Celebrations

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Mosaic Easter Egg

Mosaic Easter Egg

With just a simple styrofoam egg and mosaic tiles, you can create this colorful and unique Easter egg.

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Recycled Bottle Vase

Recycled Soda Bottle Vase Decorated With Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is bright and pretty and not only just for gift wrapping. Here the paper was “painted” onto an empty glass bottle to create a vase that adds color to any room.

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Paper Napkin Applique - 3-D Bunny Picture

3-D Bunny Wall Picture

It is amazing what you can do with paper napkins. It is almost a shame to use them for anything else but crafting.

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Craft Project for Easter - Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny

Wooden Spoon Easter Rabbit

Wooden spoons are not just for the kitchen anymore. They can be used to create cute characters such as this Easter rabbit.

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Easter Egg Plant Stick

Decoupaged Styrofoam Eggs Plant Sticks

Your green plants will attain new color in spring with this project.

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Spring Votive Glass

Spring Votive Glass

Clear colored straws are used to decorate this votive glass to give it a soft transparent glow.

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Easter Bunny Paper Weight 200

Easter Bunny Paper Weight

This Easter bunny paper weight is a cute and practical addition for your office desk during the spring season.

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Chicken and Chicks Wooden Wall Decoration

Wooden Wall Plaque with Hen and Chicks

For this project you do not have to have any knowledge of woodcrafting. A kitchen cutting board, modelling clay and a paper napkin with a motif of choice are the basic materials you will need to make this craft.

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Glass Paint Rose

Glass Paint Rose Window Decoration

Painting with glass paints is fun and once the images are dry, they can be adhered to any smooth surface such as tile, mirrors and window. This rose was painted on acetate and cut out.

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Valentine's Day Votive Glass

Valentine’s Day Votive Glass

Red hearts embellish this votive glass and makes it perfect as a Valentines Day decoration.

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