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Desk Set Using Fabric

Fabric can help you pep up ordinary items into decorative and useful items for your desk.



Recycling Craft - Desk Set 1

For this project you will need:

- spring fabric of choice such as this one
Fabric Used for the Desk Set

- ribbon matching fabric (we used a green and white striped ribbon)
Ribbon Used for the Desk Set

- 2 colors of stiff felt to match the fabric
- button to match fabric
- recyclable items such as a glass jar with lid and bottom of cotton swabs box
- plain memo pad
- book binding glue (for adhering fabric to other surfaces)
- jewel glue (to glue on button)

Bottom of Q-Tips Box
This bottom part of a cotton swabs box would have probably landed in the trash.


First measure the height of the bottom of your cotton swabs box and cut a long strip of fabric that measures the same height. If you do not have a cotton swabs box, cut then a strip of about 6-7 cm high or height of choice.

Brush only thin coats of book binding glue onto your surfaces to prevent it from seeping through the fabric. Book binding glue also dries very fast so work only small sections at a time.

Follow the instructions under each picture for the corresponding item.

Recycling Craft - Desk Set 2
To embellish the glass jar:
1. Brush an extremely thin layer of book binding glue to the jar surface and press the fabric onto the area and smoothen out any wrinkles. Work your way around the jar until it is covered. Cut strip so that there is a 2 cm overlap. Fold the overlap over 1 cm so that there is a clean edge and then glue this edge down.
2. Glue ribbon around the top edge of the fabric around the jar. Cut a 2 cm overlap, fold over 1 cm and then glue this edge down.
3. To create the lid embellishment, cut a circle almost the size of the lid out of one of the felt pieces and glue it onto the lid using book binding glue. Then glue fabric onto a piece of white cardboard and cut a smaller circle out and adhere it over the larger circle. Then glue a button onto the smaller circle.

Recycling Craft - Desk Set 3
To embellish the memo pad:
1. First measure the size of the memo-block cover and cut a piece of felt this size and glue it onto the cover using the book binding glue.
2. Then glue a strip of fabric onto the felt.
3. Adhere then a ribbon to each size of the fabric strip.
4. Cut out flowers and leaves out of the felt and glue these then onto the fabric.

Recycling Craft - Desk Set 4
To create the paper clip holder:
1. Working one side at a time, adhere the fabric to the cotton swabs box and work the overlap the same as the glass jar (instructions above).
2. Glue ribbon around the top edge of the box to give it a nice finish.




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