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Spooky Spiders Tea Light Glass

You can really create a spooky mood at your next Halloween party by creating a set of these tea light holders. This is a great idea for those with little time and a small budget. You can make a set in the morning and they will be ready by party time. Other than 1-2 hours drying time, it is otherwise simple and easy project.



Halloween Craft - Spooky Spider Web Tea Light Glass

Supplies Needed:

candle holders, mustard jars, jam jars, etc... any glass you have available
- black window cling outliner paint
- bag of plastic spiders
- hot glue gun or jewel glue


1. First you need to draw a spider web all around the glass using the black outliner paint. Be careful not to smear the paint as you are working your way around the glass.
2. Set the glass aside for 1-2 hours or until the paint is dry.
3. Hot glue the spiders randomly onto the glass - preferably onto the paint itself so they will adhere better. If you find that the hot glue is not holding the spiders well to the glass, use jewel paint instead.




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Halloween Craft - Spooky Spider Web Tea Light Glass

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