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Spooky Spiders Artist Trading Card

It is Halloween but these spooky spiders do not care. They are busy creating a complicated web to capture their next dinner.



Spiders ATC

Supplies Needed for one Artist Trading Card::

- plain artist trading card
- black paper
- white fiber paper
- green fiber ribbon
- white string
- Cuttlebug machine
- Cuttlebug cutting and embossing die with bats and spider
- 2 red gems
- 2 gold gems
- stick glue
- jewel glue


1. Cover the front of the artist trading card shape with black paper.
2. Gluethe green fiber ribbon on the left side of the Atc.
3. Then tear a piece of fiber paper and glue it to the bottom of the Artist trading card.
4. Wrap thread often around the card in all directions. When you think you have enough, tape the string end to the back side. Then cover the backside with black paper and trim.
5. Die cut and emboss two spiders and adhere them to the card. Use jewel glue and glue the gems onto the spider bodies.

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