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Soft Bunny Baby Toy

Create this gentle little bunny and it will make a perfect crib toy for any small baby. It is made out of a warm fleece material and is very gentle and soft to the skin. It has absolutely no small parts and is softly stuffed so that it is easy for small hands to grasp. The bunny pattern is versatile. You may choose to sew it as an Easter decoration instead. Sew it out of spring colored cotton fabrics and embellish it with button eyes and nose and perhaps a ribbon collar with a bell.



Easter Crafts - Sewing Project - Soft Fleece Easter Bunny

For this project you will need:

- pattern below
- white fleece material
- white and dark blue sewing threads
- basic sewing supplies
- washable batting

Craft Pattern for a Sitting Bunny

Free Craft Pattern: Sitting Bunny






1. Print out the pattern to the size of a complete sheet of typing paper. You may of course choose another size if you wish the bunny to be larger or smaller.
2. Make a cardboard pattern as directed in the pattern instructions below.
3. Cut out 2 pieces of fleece material and lay them with the right sides facing.
4. Lay the pattern on the material and pin together.
5. Trace the pattern onto the material with a trick marker and cut the pattern out with a 1 cm seam allowance.
6. Sew on the lines of the pattern leaving a 4 cm opening at the bottom of the bunny. This will be for turning.
7. Cut material back to about a 5mm seam allowance. Clip into the inside curves so that it will lay flatter.
8. Turn the figure through the opening and poke all corners out. Stuff the figure softly until it is the thick but not too firm.
9. Hand stitch the opening closed using a slip stitch. This stitch is invisible when sewn.
10. Use the dark blue thread to stitch eyes on both sides of the face. Stitch a simple “x”.

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Easter Crafts - Sewing Project - Soft Fleece Easter Bunny





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