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Snowman “Waiting for Winter” Wall Decoration

If you like crafting with wood, you can create this project for the winter months. This snowman ist waiting for winter and waiting to catch snowflakes as they fall. This project takes some time to craft but makes a wonderful winter decoration for your wall or door. The height of this decoration measures: 53 cm (including bottom snowflake), the height of the snowman including hands measures: 35 cm.



Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman Wall Picture

For this project you will need:

- plywood 8-10 mm thick for the snowman, arms and hat
- plywood 4 mm thick for the snowflakes, neck and arm cuffs, hat trim and nose
- plywood board measuring 30 cm x 40 cm
- 2 x pieces of wood measuring 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 35 cm
- acrylic paint in the following colors: blue, orange, dark red, white, black, brown, light blue
- small bell
- 2 round wooden discs (buttons)
- sturdy silver wire
- drill with 3.2 and 1.5 mm bits
- wood glue
- strong stapler
- scroll saw
- sandpaper
- paintbrushes
- old toothbrush

Craft Patterns:

Christmas and Winter Craft Pattern - Snowman

Snowman Craft Pattern

Snowflake Set 1

Snowflake Patterns Set 1

Snowflake Set 2

Snowflake Patterns Set 2

Snowflake Set 3

Snowflake Patterns Set 3






1. Print out your patterns. Trace them on the appropriate wood pieces.
2. Cut your 4 mm plywood board lengthwise into 5 even width pieces.
3. Paint all of the pieces in the appropriate colors. Drybrush the edges and sprinkle white paint on the pieces with a toothbrush. Let all pieces thoroughly dry.
4. Paint the plywood board slats first brown and then dry brush black down them to give them a wooden effect.
5. Staple the 5 slats together at the top and bottom.
6. Assemble the snowman’s cuffs onto the arm and on the neck. Glue the hat piece onto the hat. Glue the hat onto the snowman.
7. Glue the nose on the face and dot 2 eyes. Blush the cheeks with red.
8. Glue the 2 long pieces across the top and bottom of the stapled slats.
9. Drill 2x 2 small holes along the front of the snowman’s sweater and also 2 holes in each of the round disks. Come from behind the snowman and insert the wire through the top 2 holes and then through one of the buttons. Twist wire and coil the ends. Do the same now with the bottom button.
10. Drill 2 small holes in the hat and insert wire through the backside and up at the front. Attach the bell, twist wire ends and coil them.
11. Glue the snowman now onto the board. For more stability, staple from the backside a couple of staples to attach the slats to the snowman. The staples do not come through the front of the snowman.
12. Drill a hole in each of the hands and also 2 holes in one snowflake. Attach the snowflake to the hands with wire.
13. Glue the remaining 2 snowflakes to the decoration.

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Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman Wall Picture - Detail
Detail picture of the snowman


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Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman Wall Picture



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