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Lighted Snowman Decoration for Christmas and Winter

Trash became treasure for this project. An old and unsightly cylinder hurricane glass candle holder was transformed into a cute Christmas decoration by using leftover shelving liner from Ikea (Variera) and a paper napkin with snowman motives. The project itself is quick and easy to do but it needs time to dry overnight.



Christmas Lights Decoration

For this project the following supplies were used:

- a cylinder hurricane glass candle holder or vase (ideal size would be about 15 cm or 6 inches high and ideally a paper napkin
  can cover
  the whole glass))
- a leftover piece of non slip drawer mat or shelf liner “Variera” from Ikea (this adds texture to the glass and disguised the
  unsightly features of the glass that was used)
- clear double sided tape
- a paper napkin with motifs of choice
- paper napkin glue
- brush for applying glue
- scissors
- LED lights for the inside of the glass cylinder to light it up


Tutorial Glass Candle Holder 1
1. Cut you liner to the height of the glass and enough to cover the circumference of the glass plus about an inch or 2.5 cm for overlapping.

Tutorial Glass Candle Holder 2
2. Cut the double sided tape to match the height of the shelf liner on both ends. Then remove the protective paper backing. Wrap the liner around the glass and overlap and adhere.

Tutorial Glass Candle Holder 3
3. Now the glass is covered and read for the next step.

Tutorial Glass Candle Holder 4
4. Cut the paper napkin to a height that is slightly more than the height of the glass. Then remove the extra white layers of napkin so that all that is remaining is the top layer.

Tutorial Glass Candle Holder 5
5. Lay the glass on the table with the overlapped side on the bottom. Apply paper napkin glue to a section of the glass. Then slightly press the napkin centered on the glass. Use the brush and brush on more glue and help adhere the napkin onto the liner. As you go adhere the napkin around the glass, it is best to place your other hand inside of the glass and work “in the air” so that the wet napkin does not touch the underground. Continue adding the motive around the glass until the ends meed on the backside of the glass.

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Christmas Lights Decoration 2
Snowman motives are always perfect for the winter season.


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