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Fuzzy Snowman Family

This snowman family is spending a quality afternoon together out on the sledding hills. These snowmen have a wild fuzzy look and that is exactly what makes them so cute and charming. They are so easy to make and are also fun for the kids to craft as well.



Fuzzy Snowman Family 1

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam balls in two sizes
- white fringe or fuzzy yarn
- black and orange wooden beads for the eyes and noses
- snowman hat for the father snowman
- small strips of felt for scarves
- strong craft glue
- toothpick


1. Wrap the yarn around two different sized styrofoam balls until they are completely covered. Now use a toothpick to connect the two balls together and use a couple of drops of glue where they connect for extra security.
2. Glue on the details such as eyes, nose, hat and scarves.




Fuzzy Snowman Family 2
Meet the proud snowman father...

Fuzzy Snowman Family 3
... with his adorable daughter...

Fuzzy Snowman Family 4
... and the spunky baby brother.


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Fuzzy Snowman Family




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