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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make Small Gift Boxes (origami technique)

No longer will you have to buy expensive little gift boxes for small presents.



Box 1

1. Cut a perfect square out of a piece of typing, wrapping or construction paper.

Box 2

2. Fold the square diagonal in a triangle. Open the triangle again and lay flat.

Box 3

3. Fold the first corner to the middle line created by the folding and fold again back to the original position.

Box 4

4. Repeat the same step on the other side across from the first point and open again.

Box 5

5. Fold the first side now to the new line created by the folding of the opposite side and open again.

Box 6

6. Do the same step from the other side as well and open again.

Box 7

7. Now fold both corners in to the next folded line. As you see, you now have a total of 7 folds in the same direction once the paper is opened and laying flat on the table.

Box 8

8. Repeat now the same steps from the other 2 sides of the paper. This will create now a “checkerboard” pattern on your paper.

Box 9

9. You will now cut on 2 opposite sides in by 2 folds. That is a total of 4 cuts. Use the picture as a reference. This is a example of the first side after being cut. The same gets done now to the other side.

Box 10

10. Fold the 2 flaps up and crease and lay them flat again.

Box 11

11. Turn your work so that the other 2 sides are in front of you. Now fold the point in, fold again and fold again until your side reaches the point where the 2 other sides were cut.

Box 12

12. This is now how it looks on the one side. Do the same to the other side as well.

Box 13

13. Fold now the “side walls” in on these 2 turned pieces and hold in place.

Box 14

14. The box looks now as if it has 4 walls. When done correctly, the center floor is only a 2x2 square area.

Box 15

15. This is a view from the top looking inside of the box.

Box 16

16. Now the 2 flaps created in step 10 get folded in. They will fold over these side walls and then the last point will be laying in the box. See the picture above.

Box 18

17. Do the same to the other flap.

Box 19

18. This is now how the finished piece looks. For a lid, you do the same steps as above. Cut the square slightly larger than this particular size so that the lid fits comfortably over the bottom piece.

Box - finished

19. The finished box from the top side.




Paper Craft for Summer - Origami Gift Box Craft
Origami Gift Box Craft Project Here
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