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Silhouette Paper Lighthouse Decoration for the Window

This is a simple paper decoration that just requires basic cutting using scissors and a craft knife. The inside lines of the pattern get cut about 1-2 millimeters wide with a craft knife so that these can be then seen as details of the lighthouse.



Silhouette Lighthouse Paper Window Decoration

For this project you will need:

- cardstock in color of choice (for this light house, the color of red was used)
- craft knife
- scissors
- thread for hanging
- small hole puncher

Craft Pattern:

Lighthouse Pattern

Lighthouse Template






1. Print out the pattern and transfer the markings onto the cardstock color you chose to use. You can do this by tracing around the pattern and then turning the pattern over, placing it onto the cardstock you intend to use and then tracing over the previously traced lines again. These will transfer the pencil markings lightly onto the cardstock. As another option, you can also print out the pattern directly onto the cardstock you will be using. This saves a step.
2. Start by cutting the inside areas out first using a craft knife. Once finished, cut out the outside lines.
3. Find the balanced center of the picture. It should be approximately at the top area of the lighthouse tower. Punch a hole there and tie a thread through for hanging.

Silhouette Lighthouse Paper Window Decoration 2
The lighthouse was created using red cardstock.





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Silhouette Lighthouse Paper Window Decoration



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