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Sewing Inspiration - Shoulder Bag “Laura” - Reversible Bag in the Colors of White and Black

Credit for the pattern and instructions came from a German craft magazine called: Patchwork Spezial - Taschen - 04/2014, Seite 6 und 7 (Patchwork Special - Bags - Edition 04/2014, Pages 6-7

Another bag created with this pattern but with another fabric from Ikea can be found on our German language website on this page: Nähen - Handtasche “Laura” and on this page: Shoulder Bag Laura

Reversible Shoulder Bag 1
The bag was really easy to make and the time required to complete it was about 2 hours from beginning to the end.

Reversible Shoulder Bag 2
You need three separate fabrics for the bag: one for the outside, one for the inside that matches the outside fabric and a third matching both of the other two fabrics for the handles.

Reversible Shoulder Bag 4
All the fabric used for this bag was purchased at Ikea. The fabric is of a strong quality and since the bag is created with two fabrics, so you don’t have to worry if you have to carry heavy items.

Reversible Shoulder Bag 3
A set to create fabric buttons was used to create a matching button for the bag. Since the bag is reversible, a second button was created using a matching fabric from the inside of the bag and then swen on the inside of the bag.




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