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Illustrated Sewing Tutorial - How to Make an Easy Shopping Bag Part 1    Go to Part 2

These are really fun and easy to make and look great no matter which color you choose to make them. A 1 cm seam allowance is already included in the measurements and should be used for all the sewing of this project, unless otherwise indicated.



Preparing the pieces:


Shopping Bag Tutorial 1

1. Cut two 50 x 50 centimeter fabric squares out.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 2

2. Align the fabrics and cut away a 7.5 centimeter square from the two bottom corners. This will shape you bag and give it a floor.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 3

3. At the top corners of the fabric, mark 5 cm from both sides. Then cut a line from each of these points down to the top edge of the bottom corner. This will shape the bag a little smaller in width at the top.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 4

4. For the top lining panels, cut two 15 x 50 centimeter rectangles.

Because the bag is cut at angle, these lining pieces also need to be cut at the same angle. Place these up underneath the top edge and line the top edges together. Follow the shape of the bag and cut away the excess fabric.

As you see in the image, these panels are the same shape as the bag. Set them aside for the moment.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 5

5. You can also create a pocket for the inside of the bag if you like in the same manner. Take again two 15 x 50 cm rectangles and place them underneath the bag where you would like the pockets to be. Then cut away the excess fabric hanging over the sides of the bag.

Here in the image you see the two top lining pieces, the two pocket pieces and the two bag pieces.



Creating an Inside Pocket:


Shopping Bag Tutorial 6

6. Sew the two pocket pieces together on both long sides with the right sides facing each other. Turn and iron. Then topstitch along one of the long sides. Then place the pocket piece on the bag where it is supposed to go. The topstitched line is at the top.

Pin in place on the wrong side on one of the bag sides

Shopping Bag Tutorial 7

7. Then sew across the bottom of the pocket across the bag piece.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 8

8. The bottom edge of the pocket is sewn and the top edge is still open.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 9

9. Mark vertical 2 or 3 lines down the pocket piece to divide it into sections for tissues, cell phone, keys, etc...

Shopping Bag Tutorial 10

10. Then sew down the pocket piece to section it off.



Sewing the Bag Together and Creating a Floor:

Shopping Bag Tutorial 11

11. Place the two bag pieces with the right sides facing and sew the side seams and across the bottom seam. Reinforce the seams with a zig-zag stitch if you like. This will also prevent that the fabric starts to unravel. This is how one of the bottom corners look.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 12

12. Take the side seam and the bottom seam and match them together. 

Shopping Bag Tutorial 13

13. Like this.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 14

14. Now sew a 1 centimeter seam across and zig-zag to reinforce the seam. Repeat steps 12-14 again for the second bottom square.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 15

15. Now the bag has a bottom floor. Turn the bag to the right side.

Shopping Bag Tutorial 16

16. Measure the length of the floor seam and one of the floor side seam and cut a rectangle the same size. This will reinforce the floor and help the bag stand on its own.

You can also glue the same fabric onto this floor piece so that it matches the bag.

Set this piece aside for the moment.



Click here to finish the bag >>>




Shopping Bag or School Book Bag
Shopping Bag
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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