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Easy Shopping Bag, School Bag or Beach Bag

Here where we live, plastic shopping bags are not free, and it has been that way since years. That is only wise as it makes people think twice if they really need another plastic bag that will only end up in the waste bin anyway, after its purpose has been served. You can make your own trendy bags that will not only last a long time but will save money and the environment at the same time. This is the bag shown in the illustrated tutorial below. With a good strong material such as a cotton duck with a pleasing pattern, you can create sturdy and durable bags that will hold quite a bit of weight. Because of that fact, these also make great bags for holding school books, too.



Shopping Bag or School Book Bag

For this project you will need:

- cotton duck in pattern of choice (cut twice 50x50 cm and four times 15 x 50 cm pieces
- two nylon belt pieces measuring 4 x 70 cm
- piece of cording for closure
- large button in color matching fabric

Material for these particular bags were purchased at Ikea in Germany


Follow the instructions in this shopping bag tutorial to create a bag like the one above.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Shopping Bag Tutorial

Shopping Bag Tutorial


Other variations of the shopping bag:

Shopping Bag or School Book Bag 2
This shows you how the basic pattern can be changed to fit your needs.The fabric was cut to be wider than the height to create a beach bag for the summer. The closure was also omitted.

Shopping Bag or School Book Bag 3
This is a variation of the bag. A front pocket was added to this bag for extra detail.The pocket does not close, so it is not safe to keep anything important in it. It does come in handy to keep a pack of tissues, though. Handles were sewn using the same fabric, instead of using the nylon belt pieces.

Shopping Bag or School Book Bag - Detail
Instead of using a piece of cord, a small fabric button loop was sewn for this bag.





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Shopping Bag or School Book Bag



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