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Knitting Needle or Crochet Needle Roll Created From a Place Mat

If you do a lot of knitting and crocheting, you probably have a variety of needles from the different projects. Making an organizer for them does not get any easier than this. Ribbed placemats are simply wonderful to create this project because the ends are already seamed and they are durable. All you have to do is add fabric trim (or not if you are in a hurry or if your placemat has a pattern on it) and cording. Within no time you will have your roll finished to hold all of your needles.



Knitting Needle or Crochet Needle Roll

For this project you will need:

- webbed place mat - this one measures 40 x 50 cm
- fabric strip that is approximately 7 cm high and the same width of your place mat
- sewing thread matching color of fabric
- white cording about 60 cm long
- sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

Sewing Instructions:

Pin Fabric to Place Mat
1. Fold each long edge of the fabric strip under about 1 centimeter and iron flat. Then pin the strip of fabric across the placemat about 5 centimeters distance from the bottom.

Stitch Fabric Using Decorative Stitch
2. Sew across the the top and bottom and sides of the fabric using a decorative stitch of your choice that is on your sewing machine. A simple straight stitch will also do the job if you prefer that.

Add Cord to One Side
3. To create the pocket, fold the bottom up of the side you just added the fabric to about 12 centimeters and pin in place. Before you sew the sides closed, fold the cord for tying in half and insert the folded end (the loop) about 3-4 centimeters on one side between the fold and secure in place with a pin or clip. Now sew down both sides of the pocket using 1 centimeter seam allowance. The loop is now inside the fold and the two ends for tying are hanging out.

Use Trick Marker to Draw Lines
4. Now use the trick marker and mark lines where you would like to sew to divide the different sections to store your needles. It is suggested to use a variety of widths. Here the widths of 3, 4 and 5 centimeters were used. Now stitch down the lines you have marked.
5. The lines of the trick marker will vanish within a couple of days. If you would like to have them vanish immediately, then dampen the areas with water.

Knitting Needle or Crochet Needle Roll 3
Never again will you have to search for all of your needles. After rolling it up, it can be easily taken along or stored away.

Knitting Needle or Crochet Needle Roll 2
It is now very easy to see which needles are

Knitting Needle or Crochet Needle Roll 4

Place Mat Pencil Roll 2

Place Mat Pencil Roll
For your kids you can use the same technique and create a roll to keep all of their pencils nicely together. Since the place mat already had a nice pattern on it, the fabric strip was omitted for the project.





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Knitting Needle or Crochet Needle Roll



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