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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Cosmetic or All-Purpose Lined Zipper Pouches

Part 1 - Sewing the exterior fabric to the lining
Part 2 - Rounding off the bottom corners
Part 3 - Finishing off the turned bag

Here you will see how easy it is to line the pouch and add a zipper so you can close it.



Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 5

1. Place one lining piece faced up on the table.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 6

2. Then place the zipper faced up at the top edge of the lining piece.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 7

3. Then place the exterior fabric piece faced down over the previous two pieces.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 8

4. Use pins or clips to hold the pieces together.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 9

5. Using a zipper foot, start at the edge opposite of the zipper pull and sew these pieces together.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 10

6. Sew until you reach the zipper pull. You will feel it because it is bulky.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 11

7. This is the zipper pull underneath the fabric. It is in the way and sewing past it is difficult.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 12

8. Simply pull the zipper pull to the middle of the fabric.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 13

9. Place the layers on the sewing machine again and then finish the sewing line.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 14

10. Now one side of the zipper is perfectly sewn to the exterior piece and lining piece.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 15

11. Fold the pieces so that the zipper is at the top and the backside of the exterior fabric pieces is over the backside of the lining piece.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 16

12. Now you will sew the other half of the zipper to the fabrics.

Place the second lining piece face up on the table just like in step 1.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 17

13. Then place the zipper faced up at the top edge just like you did in step 2.

The only difference here is that the fabrics are now attached to the zipper.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 18

14. Then place the exterior fabric piece faced down over the zipper just like in step 3.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 19

15. Clip the pieces together just like in step 4.

You will notice that the bottoms do not match at this point. But that is because of the zipper and nothing to worry about.

Just like in steps 5-9, sew the layers together again.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 20

16. Now when you open it all, the top layers and the top of the zipper can be seen on one side...

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 21

17. And when you flip it over, the bottom layers and the bottom side of the zipper can be seen.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 22

18. Turn the fabric so that the exterior fabrics are on top.

Pull the fabrics evenly away from the zipper and iron them flat. You can turn it over and iron the backsides, too, if you like.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 23

19. Then top stitch both sides of the zipper close to the seam edge. This holds the layers on both sides of the zippers in place and gives it a nice look.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 26

20. Open the zipper. This is important so you can turn the pouch at a later point.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 24

21. Now open the fabric so that that the two exterior pieces match and the two lining pieces match.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 25

22. Match the side seams and point the zipper teeth towards the lining side and then use a clip to hold in place. Do the same to the other side.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 27

23. Pin or clip all the edges around to hold them in place.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 28

24. Leave an area at the bottom of the lining (long side). Starting at the bottom where the opening will be, sew a line all around the bag until you reach the bottom again. Stop about 10 centimeters before where you started.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 29

25. This opening is necessary for turning and will be hand sewn closed at a later point.

Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 30

26. Clip across the 4 corners of the bag so the corners will look flatter on the outside of the bag.


Fabric Zipper Pouch Tutorial 37

If you want the bottom of your bag to be square, then you can turn it at this point. Reach into the hole at the bottom of the bag and then through the zipper to grab the exterior fabric through the holes and pull it through. Then continue here to finish off the bag.

Or... if you want the bottom of the bag to be roundish like the examples in the project, then continue here to find out how that was done.




Sew Easy Zipper Pouches for All Purposes
Cosmetic Pouch
These pouches are so easy to make and it takes less than an hour to complete one of them. No matter which color you choose, the pouch will look great. Because you only need a small amount of fabric, it is an excellent way to use up some of the scraps in your stash.

Cosmetic Bags - Varied Sizes
Sew a  Lined Zipper Pouches in Any Size You Want
Zippered pouches can be used for multi purposes and one cannot ever have enough of them. Not only are they practical for traveling and storing cosmetics, but also for keeping chargers and cables for all of the electronic devices that also get taken on trips. You are not limited to the size that is indicated in any particular tutorial. You can custom make them to fit your needs.




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