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Seashell Picture Frame

After spending summer vacation at the beach, you or your children probably have collected a lot of collected seashells and are not sure what to do with them. This is a fast and easy craft project that shows you how to use them and at the same time, display some of the pictures you may have taken as well. Tip: You may choose to paint your frame or shells if you would like to have some color.



Maritime Craft - Seashell Craft - Seashell Picture Frame

For this project you will need:

- plain wooden frame (from Ikea)
- macrame yarn or other thick yarn in a natural color
- seashells (either collected or bought at a craft store)
- hot glue gun
- picture of choice


1. Heat up your hot glue gun and use it to “draw” a curvy line along one of the long sides of the frame. Immediately press the cording on this line until you reach the end of it.
2. On the short end, make a straighter line and also follow the line with your cording.
3. For the next long and short side, follow steps one and two again until you reach the end.
4. Cut the remaining cording away and secure the end.
5. On each corner, make a drop of hot glue and press a larger seashell immediately in the hot glue.
6. At random points, glue seashells along the sides of the frame as well.
7. Insert your picture and you are finished.





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Maritime Craft - Seashell Craft - Seashell Picture Frame





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