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Sailor Bears Greeting Card

This card is an example of what you can craft using paper napkins and the decoupage technique or paper napkin technique. It has a feeling of a breezy summer’s day at the sea with its typical maritime symbols and the crisp colors of blue and white. It is also very fun, quick and inexpensive to make. Use this example as a guide of what you could create.



Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Cute Sailor Bears

For this project you will need:

- white blank card
- paper napkin with maritime motifs
- corrugated cardboard in white
- navy and white colored cardstock
- silver sticker with greetings
- paper punch with dolphin motifs
- fusible web
- yellow corregated cardboard
- 3-D pads
- decorative edged scissors
- craft scissors
- glue


1. Select your motifs from the paper napkins and follow the instructions below to prepare them for the card. This card uses 1 larger motif and 2 smaller motifs with anchors and small ship motifs.
2. Once your motifs are prepared cut them out into squares. Glue the larger square onto blue cardstock and cut out leaving a 5mm frame.
3. Using the picture as a guide, cut a wide strip of corrugated cardboard and glue it onto the card.
4. Glue your prepared larger square onto the card in the center.
5. On the right side of the motif, glue a couple of the smaller squares.
6. Punch dolphins out in white and navy blue.
7. Stick your greeting sticker in the center on the left side of the middle square.
8. Use 3-D pads to attach the dolphins to the card as shown in the picture.
9. Cut about 1 cm off of the bottom of the card using the decorative edged scissors.
10. Cut a strip of navy blue cardstock about 2 cm high and the same width of the card. Glue this strip behind the bottom front of the card so that about 5mm of it can be seen.

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