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Red Rose

This delicate rose is hand painted on silk. The card itself can be framed and used as a mini-painting afterwards. The pattern for this motif is also for beginners easy to follow. Small silk paintings can be used for cards and are very elegant.



Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Red Rose on Silk Card

For this project you will need:

- leftover piece of silk about 4”x 6” or 10 x 15 cm
- rose pattern
- clear silk outliner pen (Gutta)
- silk paints in red, blue and green
- silk paint brushes
- white cardstock
- red blank card
- decorative scissors
- 3-D Pads, eyelets
- 2 sided self-sticking foil
- 1 sided self sticking foil

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Rose 100

Rose Pattern






1. Attach the 1 sided self sticking foil to the back side of the silk piece, making sure that it lies flat and there are no wrinkles. The foil keeps the silk firm for painting. (A frame is therefore not needed.)
2. Lay the silk piece over the pattern and trace rose motif with outliner pen.
3. Let outlines dry completely.
4. Fill in the spaces between the outlines with appropriate colors and let dry throroughly.
5. Cut 2 sided self-sticking foil to match the size of the silk piece. Remove protective paper from one side and attach the  foil to the back side of the silk piece. This will lay over the previous 1 sided foil.
6. Remove protective paper from the second side and adhere the silk piece on a piece of white cardstock.
7. Cut out card stock with decorative scissors leaving an 1/4 “ edge around the silk.
8. Punch holes in each corner and attach eyelets.
9. Place 3-D pads on the backside of the silk piece.
10. Remove the protective paper backings from the 3-D Pads and stick the silk piece on the red card.

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Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Red Rose on Silk Card



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