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Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

Packaging out of plastic, metal and paper and other things we discard in the trash can be used for fun craft projects that are not only inexpensive but also help keep our our environment cleaner as well.

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Recycling Cans for Craft Supplies

Organizing the Craft Room - Recycling Cans for Craft Supplies

Use pretty scrapbook paper to give cans with lids a face lift. Then print out labels to indicate what is inside each can. This is a inexpensive and easy way to keep the craft room looking tidy in a colorful and harmonious way.

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Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft for Kids

Toadstool Craft

These mushrooms were made with small probiotic drinking joghurt bottles (use what is available in your country) and styrofoam balls and look incredibly real once painted and decorated.

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Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Upcycled Lid Heart Suncatcher

Some tubs of quark or yoghurt come with clear plastic lids. These can be upcycled to lets kids create this colorful hanging heart. If these type of lids are not available in your area, you can also use clear acrylic discs or a stiff acetate circle instead.

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Christmas Paper Craft - How to Make a Gift Box Using Christmas Cards

Create Greeting Card Gift Boxes

With just a couple of simple folding lines and a couple of cuts, you can transform your Christmas cards into practical gift boxes that can be used to give small gifts for Christmas.

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Yarn Bombing - Upcycled Box - Toybox

Yarn Bombing - Upycycled Toy Box From an Ordinary Box

This project takes yarn bombing a step further to make it quicker to do. A knitting mill was used to create yarn cording so that the yarn is thicker and therefore faster to use when covering the box. With the cord, you can create a colorful and soft toy box for the kids.

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Recycling Craft Using Jars - Summer Flower Arrangement

Summer Flower Arrangement

Recycling jars from the kitchen is fun because you can use them all sorts of ways. Using them as vases is really easy.

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Fall Pencil Holder

Fall Pencil Holder

Cans are often left over in the kitchen and it is always great to recycle them instead of throwing them away. This can is being used as a pencil holder. Paper napkin leaves adorn twine, giving it a natural look, which is perfect for the season.

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Recycling Craft for Summer - Gold Cookie Tin with Plaster of Paris Sunshine Motif

Altered Cookie Tin

If you like a quick and easy project, then all you need is a little bit of paint and a decorative motif and you can transform the tin into an attractive container.

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Paper Tube Daisy

Paper Tube Daisies

Crafting with paper towel rolls or tubes seems to be popular lately so we saved a few in the hopes of coming up with an idea of what to do with them. Sure enough an idea to create daisies came to mind. After a bit of painting and gluing a small bouquet was created to give a touch of spring to the window sill.

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Halloween Craft - Recycling Craft - Frankie the Friendly Frankenstein Can

Frankie the Friendly Frankenstein Monster

Kids will have fun turning ordinary food cans from the kitchen into fun Halloween decorations. This Frankenstein monster is too cute to scare anybody!

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More Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

(1-10)     (11-20)     (21-30)     (31-40)     (41-50)     (51-60)     (61-70)     (71-80)     (81-90)     (91-100)



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