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Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

Put those bottles, cans, cardboard and other packaging materials to good use after the initial purpose for them is over.

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Christmas Craft for Kids - Golden Cork Angel

Cork Gold Angel

This sweet angel can be used as a tree decoration or kids can create a numerous amount of angels and create a choir or orchestra of angels as a table decoration.

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Recycling Craft - Bottle Cap Picture Frame

Bottle Cap Picture Frame

Recycle bottle caps and combine them with and old plain and ordinary used picture frame to create this modern and metallic looking frame.

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Upcycling Craft - Colorful Can Pencil Holders 200

Colorful Washi Taped Cans

Clean empty cans can quickly be transformed into colorful holders for all of your art supplies.

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Wine Cork Santa Claus

Wine Cork Santa

Who can believe that this Santa is made out of a recycled wine cork? Kids will have fun making this cute Christmas craft for the holidays. It is a really easy project and is finished with a couple of hours.

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Set of Items Decorated with Wrapping Paper

Decoupage Fun With Wrapping Paper

Once you discover a roll of wrapping paper with a design you just adore, nothing in your home will be safe anymore. It is so easy to alter wood, metal, plastic and other items into decorative objects to match your  decor.

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Craft Using Recycled Christmas Card - Holy Family Ornament

Recycled Christmas Cards Ornaments

Year after year we receive Christmas cards that are just too lovely to discard. Use these cards to create easy ornaments for the tree. This project would be a lot of fun for the kids, too.

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Decoupage Can with Winter Scene

Recycled Canisters with Winter Motifs

Paper napkin can help you recycle in a decorative way! Many items that would otherwise land in the garbage bin can be saved, decorated and reused for other purposes. Here cans were decoupaged to be used as a storage cans for craft supplies. But you can also use such a can as packaging for Christmas cookies or other Christmas gifts.

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Styrofoam Memo Board

Styrofoam Memo Board

Something purchased had a flat styrofoam square inside the package to protect the item from breaking. That square was saved and then an idea occurred how to use it. By wrapping it with fabric, it could be used as an inexpensive memo board.

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Easter Crafts - White Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

This is a cute and easy project if you are looking for a quick to make table or shelf decoration for Easter. One idea would be to create a set of these and use them as decoration for an Easter brunch table.

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Recycling Craft - Desk Set

Spring Desk Set Using Fabric

Fabric can help you pep up ordinary items into decorative and useful items for your desk.

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More Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

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