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Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

Before throwing away jars, cans, bottles, etc... , these are a few ideas what can be done with them instead.

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Recycling Craft With Bottles - Recycled Olive Oil  Bottle Flower Vase

Recycled Olive Oil Bottle Flower Vase

Many bottles, whether they be wine bottles, oil bottles or vinegar bottles, have interesting shapes. Once you finished using them, add some paint and paper napkin motifs and create pretty and inexpensive vases to fit the season.

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Paper Craft for Easter - Brown Gift Box Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Gift Box

This bunny has a secret! Not only does he look cute and can sit on his own as an Easter decoration, but he is also a disguised gift box. His 2 halves can be taken apart and within him is a storage place for a small present for Easter.

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Christmas Bottle Cap Decorations or Magnets

Bottle Cap Christmas Decorations

Use these to decorate your cards and scrapbooks. You can also create magnets for the refrigerator, create lapel pins for your jacket, package decorations, stocking stuffers, etc...

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Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

A package that came in the mail recently was full of corrugated paper that was used to protect the item that was sent. With Easter coming soon, it seemed appropriate to make an Easter basket with some of it. The result is a natural looking decorative basket that only cost a couple of drops of hot glue and a little time to make.

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Basic Craft for Summer - Cute Cork Clown

Bottle Cork Clown

This a fun recycling group craft for kids! By using bottle corks, they can create a cute and colorful group of circus clowns.

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Winter Memo Pad Holder for the Wall

Winter Memo Pad Holder

Here is an example of a repurposed cereal box that is now a pretty memo-pad holder to jot down the grocery list or any other message.

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Recycling Craft - Decopatch Soda Bottle

Recycled Glass Bottle Flower Vase in Patchwork Look

Spring is just around the corner and this is a great way to add color to the room to fit the season.

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Hanging Pumpkin Ornaments

Hanging Halloween Pumpkin Baskets

Being the month of October, it seemed appropriate to create pumpkins. The shape of paper tubes are perfect for creating these gourds. All you need otherwise to create basic pumpkins is construction paper and brads.

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Straw Bangle

Straw Bangle

These bangles for kids are easy for them to craft and require a minimum of materials to create.

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Recycling Craft Using Cans - Decorative Pencil Holder for Kids

Colorful Pencil Holders

Time to tidy up and recycle at the same time! This is a fun project for older kids, but they should have experience using a hot glue gun. Anyway, an adult should be present to avoid accidents or injuries.

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More Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

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