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Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

Here you will find projects made from various packing materials found in the kitchen and around the home for all seasons of the year.

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Recycling Craft - Tin Can Decorated with Natural Straws - Flower Pot

Can Flower Pot

With just a recycled can out of your kitchen and some natural straws, you can easily create this decorative flower pot for your home within an hour.

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Recycling Craft - Magic Marker Container

Recycled Candy Container

The container used for this project once held round chocolate wafers. Once empty, it just seemed a waste to toss it in the trash. It had a closable lid and somehow seemed like it would be good for something.

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Recycling Craft - Mosaic Tin Can Flower Pot 200

Mosaic Utensil Can

With small mosaic tiles and a tin can, you can create a lovely and decorative container. When finished, it can be used as a flower pot like in the image you can place your craft supplies such as scissors in it. Or you can make one in the colors of your bathroom use it to hold the  toothpaste and toothbrushes or cosmetic supplies.

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Paper Maché Valentine's Day Heart

Paper Maché Valentine’s Day Heart

It is so inexpensive to create this paper heart with just a cardboard box piece, paper, wire and heart beads. Add a loop and use it to hang as a Valentine’s Day ornament.

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Easy Paper Craft - Calendar Page Bookmarker

Calender Page Bookmark

Old calendars from last year with art paintings or other motifs can be recycled into practical objects such as this bookmark. Out of one calender, you can create many bookmarks to use for yourself or to enclose as gifts with books, or as a token in a card.

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Christmas Craft Idea for Kids - Recycling Craft - Paper Tube Snowman

Paper Tube Snowman Craft for Kids

This snowman is fun to make for kids and makes a nice gift for a friend or relative.

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Greeting Card Gift Box

Recycling Spring Cards into Gift Boxes

Whether you receive a general card for spring or one for Easter, it is always a shame to throw the cards away.

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Recycling Craft and Paper Napkin Decoupage - Bottle Vase

Maritime Recycled Glass Bottle

This idea takes this Recycled Flower Vase Craft a step further and embellishes the bottle using decoupage glue and  paper napkins. The result in this case is a pretty bottle in maritime style.

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Valentine Heart Ornament

Paper Heart Ornament

Do not throw away those cardboard boxes. Instead, use them to create lovely paper ornaments such as the one below.

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Decoupage Box with Pumpkin Motifs

Halloween Gift Box with Pumpkins

With just a few craft supplies, you can create decorative and seasonal gift boxes or storage boxes for your home.

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More Recycling and Upcycling Craft Projects for All Seasons

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