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Paper Machè Glass Pumpkin

Around Halloween time, kids can recycle old glass jars and create spooky Jack-o’-Lanterns. This project is fun! These jars look great when a  set of them with different faces and sizes is created and give your window or shelf a warm orange glow in the evening.



Fall Craft - Recycling Craft - Glass Jar Pumpkin


Supplies Needed:

- glass jar
- orange tissue paper
- black construction paper
- green raffia
- wallpaper glue or paper maché glue
- about 2.5 cm or 1 inch wide paint brush
- scissors
- rubber gloves when working with the orange paper (the tissue paper bleeds)
- hole puncher

Ages 8 and older

Instructions: (the easiest way to do this craft is to hold the glass upside down and by holding the rim (which does not get covered with paper)

1. Tear strips of orange tissue paper lengthwise.
2. Prepare your wallpaper glue according to instructions or use paper maché glue and paint the glass first with the glue and then place a strip of paper over the glue. Add more glue to the brush and then go over the strip again.
3. Continue until the glass is completely covered. Let it dry overnight.
4. Take a few pieces of raffia and tie them around the rim of the jar into a bow.
5. Cut out triangles for the eyes and nose and a zig-zag mouth out of the black construction paper.
6. Punch a hole in each of the eyes. Glue the facial features now on the glass.
7. If desired, add a black dot in the middle of the hole on each of the eyes for an extra spooky look.




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Fall Craft - Recycling Craft - Glass Jar Pumpkin

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