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Recycling Spring Cards into Gift Boxes

Whether you receive a general card for spring or one for Easter, it is always a shame to throw the cards away. I have been collecting cards since years because I wanted to recycle them somehow and also simply because so many of them have such pretty motifs. I was sure I would find a purpose for them someday. Now a few now got used to hold small gifts and candy.



Greeting Card Gift Box 3

For this project you will need:

- used or new spring cards
- stylus
- ruler
- scissors
- and 4 squares of double sided sticky tape


1. Cut the front of the card on the fold and discard the other half.
2. Measure the length and height of the card. Cut out a piece of the cardstock about 1 mm smaller on each of the long and short sides of the cardstock. This will ensure that the top of the box fits perfectly on the bottom piece.
3. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the link below to make this box. You will do this for each half.

The wider the side walls are, the deeper or higher the box will be and at the same time, the smaller the box will be.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Greeting Card Box Tutorial

How to Make Card Boxes Tutorial


Greeting Card Gift Box 1
Pretty crocus flowers are such a cheery motif for this box.




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Greeting Card Gift Box





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