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Gift Idea - Create a Personal Recipe Book

Most likely you have recipes that are family favorites or other recipes that have been passed down through the years that you do not want to lose. Why not create a personal recipe book to keep these all nicely together? You can keep the book for yourself, give it as a gift to one of your children when he or she moves out or make one for a dear friend.



Gift Idea to Craft - Recipe Book 1

For this project you will need:

- spiral square photo album with a hard cover and sturdy pages (preferably the color of black or a dark color that matches your
  paper napkin)
- crackle medium
- white acrylic paint
- paper napkin decoupage glue
- paper napkin with cooking chefs motif or motif of choice
- soft and flat paint brush
- die cut letters or stickers with the word  “Recipes”
- clear varnish

Paper Napkin With Cooking Chefs Motif
This is the paper napkin used for this project


Recipe Book Tutorial 1
1. Since the album cover already has a color, you do not need to base coat it. You can already apply an even coat of crackle medium to it. Use a soft flat paint brush to do so. Now let it dry either for a few hours or over night.

Recipe Book Tutorial 2
2. After the cover is dry the next step is to apply the acrylic paint. Gather plenty of paint on your soft and flat brush. Now start from one side (either left or right), brush on the paint in one step towards the other side. You will see that the crackling effect immediately starts. Do not brush over the painted area again as it it will ruin the crackle effect. Now add more paint to your brush and continue with the next row above the previous one. Continue in this manner until the entire book is painted. Now let the paint dry again for a few hours or overnight.

Recipe Book Tutorial 3
3. Now you are ready to add the napkin motif. Remove and discard all but the top printed layer of the paper napkin. Place it centered over your book.

Recipe Book Tutorial 4
4. Dip your paint brush into the paper napkin decoupage glue and softly brush over the book. Start at the center and work your way outwards in all directions to avoid major wrinkling of the napkin. The motif blends in with the book and the crackling effect shows nicely through the napkin layer.

Recipe Book Tutorial 5
5. This is how the book looks when finished. Now all you have to do is adhere the word “Recipes” to the top of the cover.

6. If you like, add a coat of clear varnish to the cover of the book to protect it from moisture.

Gift Idea to Craft - Recipe Book 3

Gift Idea to Craft - Recipe Book 2

Gift Idea to Craft - Recipe Book 4
The crackling effect gives the book an antique look to it and isn’t the chosen paper napkin motif just too cute?





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Gift Idea to Craft - Recipe Book



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