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Quilled Heart Decoration

This heart is very easy to make using rolled paper strips. It makes a lovely decoration for the room or window for Valentineís Day. This is also a fun project for kids as well to create for their mothers or grandmothers for Motherís Day, too.



Valentine's Day Craft - Quilled Paper Heart Decoration 1

For this project you will need:

- cereal box side or similar cardboard box side to create heart shape
- red construction paper
- glue stick
- red patterned paper strips measuring 7.5 mm wide and 22 cm long and 7.5 mm wide and 11 cm long
- glue
- quilling paper template similar to the one below if available
Quilled Paper Heart Decoration Tutorial 1

- quilling tool
- string for hanging

Ages 9 and older

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Valentine Hearts

Heart Templates






1. Glue the red construction paper to the printed side. You can do the same to the other side or leave it blank. Then cut out a heart frame shape using any heart shape you like. Examples of heart shapes you can use are below. The frame should have a width of 1-3 cm so you can glue the quilled paper circles on it.
2. Use the 22 cm long strips of paper to create quilled circles that are over 1 cm in size. Otherwise, use the 11 cm long strips for smaller circles.

Quilled Paper Heart Decoration Tutorial 5
3. Roll and form several circles between the sizes of 5 mm and 1.5 cm in size. Placing them in a quilling template helps get the perfect size you need and holds them in place until you need them. Then remove each circle once at a time and glue the end down to hold it in place.

Quilled Paper Heart Decoration Tutorial 2
4. Then arrange and glue them onto the cardboard heart shape as you like. It is ok if they hang over the shape a bit. It makes the heart look more interesting. Cover this side of the heart completely. If you want to use the heart as a wall decoration, then you are already finished. If not, then turn the heart over.

Quilled Paper Heart Decoration Tutorial 4
5. Repeat the previous steps for the other side of the heart if you would like to use it as a hanging ornament for the window. To attach the string to hang it, place the open ends of the string it at the center point of the heart and glue the quilled circles over it to hold it down.
6. Continue covering the heart until the entire second side is covered.

Valentine's Day Craft - Quilled Paper Heart Decoration 2

Valentine's Day Craft - Quilled Paper Heart Decoration 3

Valentine's Day Craft - Quilled Paper Heart Decoration 4
You can also only glue quilled circles to one side and leave the hanging string away to create a decoration for a cabinet or wall.




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Valentine's Day Craft - Quilled Paper Heart Decoration





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