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Illustrated Sewing Tutorial - How to Sew a Zipper Pouch or Tissue Holder

The first thing you will need to do is select your fabric and choose the size you want your organizer to be. Also you need to decide if you want to use a zipper or not. If you choose a zipper, select a size that will be slightly shorter than the width of your fabric. Sew the pouch together with a centimeter seam allowance.



Fabric Purse Organizer 1

1. If making a zipper pouch, follow steps 1-6 and then 8-11.

Pin the squares together with the right sides facing each each other.

Fabric Purse Organizer 2

2. Sew around the entire outer edge except for an opening for turning on one side.

Fabric Purse Organizer 3

3. Once you have sewn around the edges, cut excess seam allowance away with pinking shears.

Fabric Purse Organizer 4

4. Press the open seam allowance back so that the edge is crisp and flat. This will make it easier later to hand sew the edge together, once the pouch is turned.

Fabric Purse Organizer 5

5. Turn the square now inside out and press flat. Hand sew the opening closed with an invisible stitch.

If you are making a tissue holder with no zipper, follow steps 6 and 7.

Continue to step 8 if you are making a pouch with a zipper.

Fabric Purse Organizer 6

6. Fold both sides over to meet in the middle. If you are making just a tissue pouch with no zipper, measure the width of the tissues you will use and add 2 centimeters to the measurement. Cut the width of the fabric to that width before sewing.

Now sew the outer edge on both sides.

Fabric Purse Organizer 7

7. Turn the pouch inside out again and now you have a tissue holder.



Creating a pouch with a zipper:

Fabric Purse Organizer 8

8. To create a pouch with a zipper, pin and sew your zipper along 2 opposite edges of your pouch and sew a line down each side of the zipper.

Fabric Purse Organizer 9

9. Turn so that your bag lining is on the outside. Your zipper is in the middle and the zipper pull is facing down. Open the zipper about halfway so you can turn the pouch after you have finished sewing. Trim the pouch to about 1 centimeter beyond the zipper stopper. Now sew along both short edges.

Fabric Purse Organizer 10

10. Zig-zag the sewn short edges to prevent fraying.

Fabric Purse Organizer 11

11. Turn the pouch inside out again and you are finished.




Sewing Project - Fabric Purse Organizer
Zipper Pouch
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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