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Jack o Lantern Tea Light Votives

You can find glass paint in squeezable bottles in a craft store. Normally you squeeze the paint out to fill an area and have to wait about 24 hours for it to dry. Using the same paint and a paint brush, you can achieve a colored glass effect on any glass votive or jar and the drying time is only a couple of hours,



Halloween Votive 1

Supplies Needed:

orange and black colored peelable glass paint
- black outliner paint
- jars or glass votives of choice
- paint brush


Simply brush the paint onto the glass object you wish to cover. If a darker shade is preferred, brush on a second coat once the first coat is dried. Afterwards, use the outliner paint to create the facial features. To do this, place the glass on its side and support it to keep it from roling around. Once the outliner paint is dry (usually within an hour if the room is warm) you can fill in the areas with black paint. Let it dry for 24 hours.




Halloween Votive 3

Halloween Votive 2

Halloween Votive 4
Use a glass jar instead of purchased votives and add some green raffia to add to the pumpkin look.




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