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Pumpkin and Jack o’ Lantern Crafts From All Sorts of Materials

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Paper Maché Pumpkin Plant Stick

Paper Maché Pumpkin Plant Stick

This is an easy craft which recycles cardboard boxes into seasonal plant pokes.

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Styrofoam Pumpkins With Sand Surface

Pumpkins With Colored Sand Surface

With just a little paint, sand and a stem on top, a package of round styrofoam cactus can also become pumpkins instead.

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Decopatch Paper Maché Pumpkin

Decopatch Paper Maché Pumpkin

This project is so much fun to do and if you make more than one, no two pumpkins will ever look alike.

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Fall Craft - Recycling Craft - Glass Jar Pumpkin

Recycled Glass Jar Pumpkin - Paper Machè

Around Halloween time, kids can recycle old glass jars and create spooky Jack-o’-Lanterns. These jars look great when a set of them with different faces and sizes is created and give your window or shelf a warm orange glow in the evening.

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Fall Wood Craft - Pumpkin Trio Decoration

Wooden Pumpkin Trio Decoration

Pumpkins are always perfect motifs for the fall season. These gourds made out of wood are guaranteed not to spoil!

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Halloween Card - Spooky Pumpkins Card_0021

Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Card

This card is perfect to use as an invitation for a Halloween party.

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Wood Craft for Fall and Halloween - Black Cat and Pumpkin Garland

Halloween Pumpkin and Cat

Why not saw a couple of typical Halloween figures out of wood and use them for autumn decorations.

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Halloween Die Cut Cat and Pumpkin Garland

Felt Halloween Garland with Black Cat and Pumpkins

Die cuts are so fun to use not only for scrapbooking and cardmaking, but also for creating easy holiday decorations such as this garland or mobile. These die cuts are from Sizzix - Sizzix Originals Die Cat and Moon” and “Sizzix Originals Die Pumpkins 2”. Modelling felt (very stiff) was used for this project and gives the die cuts a warm look to them.

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Wood Craft for Halloween - Wooden Cat Staring at the Moon

Black Cat

On a dark scary night you will find this feline in the pumpkin patch looking up at the moon!

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Fall Paper Craft - Paper Jack o' Lantern Plant Hanger

Hanging Paper Pumpkin

This project is easy for school aged kids to craft, is lots of fun and adds a warm fall look to your home. The hand-stitching give it an additional country charm.

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More Pumpkin and Jack o’ Lantern Crafts Using All Sorts of Materials

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