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Pumpkin and Jack o Lantern Crafts From All Sorts of Materials

If you still cannot get enough of pumpkins during fall, you will find more ideas here.

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Fall Paper Craft - Evil Pumpkin Paper Lantern

Evil Jack o Lantern Paper Lantern

This particular Halloween paper lantern has a mean expression and will add a spooky touch to your next Halloween party.

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Halloween Greeting Card or Invitation - Pumpkins Invitation Card

Halloween Invitation with Pumpkins

Do you have a Halloween party coming up and no invitations for your guests? Instead of buying some, why not start a little earlier and make your own. Not only does it save money, but has such a personal touch that no store bought card can ever acquire.

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Fall Craft - Polymer Clay Pumpkin Set

Polymer Clay (Fimo) Pumpkins

Use these to decorate your table at Thanksgiving or add these to a scarecrow decoration.

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Fall Paper Craft - Happy Pumpkin Paper Lantern

Jack o Lantern Paper Lantern

These paper pumpkin lanterns make excellent Halloween party decorations. Just create a set of them and line them up on your Halloween table to give the room a spooky atmosphere.

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Halloween Crafts - Paper Crafts - Paper Pumpkin Luminary by Night

Halloween Jack o Lantern Luminary

If you like the look of lighted pumpkins in the window or on your table at Halloween time but do not like the mess of pumpkin carving, then you can create a paper luminary instead.

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Fall Sewing Craft Project - Fabric Pumpkin_0081

Fabric Pumpkin

Decorate your home this year in fall with fabric pumpkins! Not only do they look great, they are not as difficult to sew as it may seem! You can create them in any size you like depending on your needs.

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Owl Jack-o'-Lantern

Pumpkin Carving - Owl Jack-o-Lantern

This is an idea if you would like to carve a pumpkin in a not so typical Halloween motif.

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Decoupage Box with Pumpkin Motifs

Halloween Gift Box with Pumpkins

With just a few craft supplies, you can create decorative and seasonal gift boxes or storage boxes for your home.

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Fall Crafts - Crafts Using Felt - Felted Pumpkin Hanger

Felt Pumpkin

You can create this pumpkin to hang anywhere in your home or you can even choose to leave the hanger away and can use this as a pin cushion, instead.

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Needle Felted Pumpkin

Felted Wool Pumpkin

Have you ever tried felting wool with a template? It can be really fun and all you need is a cookie cutter or a cardboard template in the shape of the item you wish to felt.

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More Pumpkin and Jack o Lantern Crafts Using All Sorts of Materials

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