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Natural Potpourri Wreath

Potpourri does not only have a pleasant aroma to it, but its variety of pieces makes wonderful decorations for a wreath. This wreath is kept natural for those who like a warm country look to their homes. But you can, of course, choose colored potpourri to match your decor or match the season. Either way, you will be adding a lovely touch to your walls or door.



Summer Craft - Floral - Potpourri Wreath

For this project you will need:

- straw wreath (here 25 cm or approximately 10 inches)
- package of natural colored potpourri
- natural colored excelsior
- hot glue gun
- rope or jute band for hanging

Approximate time needed: 90 minutes


1. Hot glue potpourri pieces on your straw wreath until it is almost full. Remember to glue pieces on the inside ring area and the outside ring area, too. Try to arrange the pieces in a balanced way.
2. Takes wads of excelsior and hot glue in the empty areas to fill out the wreath. It looks pretty when they sometimes hang a little wild around the wreath to give it a more organic look.
3. Use a piece or rope to hang the finished wreath.


Summer Craft - Floral - Potpourri Wreath Detail
Detail of the wreath - all of the pieces look so natural and pretty.





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Summer Craft - Floral - Potpourri Wreath



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