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Pom-Pom Santa Claus

This cute and fluffy Santa would be pleased to become a part of your Christmas decorations - whether as a tree ornament, a table decoration, or high up on a shelf. It does not require a lot of time to craft this project, just a little patience waiting for the glue to dry. Parents and kids will have fun making this project on a cold December afternoon.



Pom-Pom Santa Claus

For this project you will need:

- red yarn
- red felt
- 4 cm wooden ball (or any size to fit the size pom pom that was made)
- small bit of batting
- 8mm red half bead, a half of a 8 mm styrofoam ball cut in half and painted red... or a red wooden bead (divided in half for
  the nose) ***
- red colored pencil (for blushing the cheeks)
- thick cardboard for creating templates to make the pom pom if you do not have a pom pom maker (see tutorial link below)
- scissors
- craft glue
- old CD to use as a template for creating the Santa hat - for a larger or smaller hat use other round objects to trace as
- felt marker or black paint for the eyes

*** Adults should do this step. Normally wooden beads have a hole on each side. Place the wooden bead onto a cutting mat and use a kitchen knife to press firmly and directly onto the hole until the bead divides in half.


1. Follow the instructions in the pom-pom tutorial below to make the Santa body. The body here is approximately 5 centimeters in size. It is ok when the body size varies for this project.

2. To create the hat, use the CD and trace onto red felt. Cut the circle out and then cut it in half. Take the half and fold it over matching the straight edges until a hat shape is created. Glue the straight edge and let dry. When dry, glue to the top of the wooden bead.

3. Glue the wooden bead to the pom-pom and let it dry thoroughly.

4. Dot on the eyes, glue the red half bead on for the nose and glue on a small piece of batting for the beard.

5. If you wish to hang the Santa, use red embroidery thread or a fishing line and create a loop to attach to the hat.

Ages 9 and older
Time: About 1 Hour


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Pom-Pom Santa Claus




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