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Pom-Pom Black Cat

Black cats are typical Halloween figures. But take a look at this little guy? Is he even capable of scaring anyone? No, he is just too cute and wants to be cuddled. The fringe yarn gives the cat a special soft effect.



Pom-Pom Cat


Supplies Needed:

1 skein of fringe black yarn
- 2 black feathers for the ears
- pink felt for the nose
- 1 pair of green cat eyes
- mint green fabric ribbon
- craft glue
- sturdy cardboard
- scissors
- circle templates

Ages 10 and older


1. Create the pom-pom by following the instructions in the tutorial below. Leave the strings long that you used to tie off the pom pom.eave
2. Connect the two pom-poms together with the long strings to create a head and body.
3. Cut the two feathers so that they are about the height of cat ears. Glue these in place onto the head.
4. Glue on the two cat eyes and cut a small triangle for the nose and glue this also on.
5. Tie a green ribbon around the neck of the cat.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

How to Make Pom Poms

Pom-Pom Tutorial




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