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5-Minute Craft - Glass Covers for Tealights Using Oilcloth Tablecloths (With Pineapple Motifs)

One oilcloth tablecloth with pineapple motifs looked so summery and was used to make lovely bins and there was plenty of tablecloth material left over. This is a quick and easy idea you can do with small pieces of.



Cheery Pineapple Tealight Glasses

For this project you will need:

Instructions for Pineapple Tea Light Glasss 1

- one piece of oilcloth tablecloth with motifs of choice
- clear strong double-sided tape
- 1 or more glasses of your choice (the best would be to use straight whiskey glasses)
- scissors and a ruler

Illustrated Craft Tutorial for One Glass:

Instructions for Pineapple Tea Light Glasss 2
1. Measure the circumference of your glass and add 1 centimeter plus measure height of your glass and cut a strip of tablecloth to fit those measurements. Then place a piece of double-sided tape on one short end of the tablecloth piece. Remove the paper backing.

Instructions for Pineapple Tea Light Glasss 3
2. Then wrap the piece around your glass making sure to pull it taut and also that it is straight. Then adhere the two short ends. The advantage of making it like this is that these covers are removable when no lo longer in use.

Summer Pineapple Tealight Glasses
These are really easy to make and would look great decorating the tables at a summer party. Use LED tea lights in the glasses if you are worried about fire hazard when kids are near.


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Cheery Pineapple Tealight Glasses

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