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Patriotic Votive

With a simple votive glass and a few straws, you can create this inexpensive decoration for your table for a summer or 4th of July picnic. These look really nice especially in the evening and hardly cost anything to make.



Patriotic Votive 1

For this project you will need:

- glass votive either a straight cylinder shape or conic shaped
- straws in the colors of red, white and blue (here striped clear straws were used)
- hot glue gun


1. Cut the straws the same height of the glass. Glue the straws tightly next to each other onto the glass.
2. Continue until the entire glass is covered.

Tip: When working with a conic shaped glass like the glass used for this project, you will notice the straws tending to lean towards the side while gluing them on. Just continue gluing them tightly next to each other, working from both sides of the glass until you reach the backside. When the straws start to meet on the back side, work them upwards in a “V” shape like you see in the picture below. Just cut the straws shorter and alternate sides when gluing them on.


Patriotic Votive 2
Detail picture of the votive





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