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Patriotic Pin Cusion

It is easy to show your patriotic spirit in everything you do and even while sewing, you can display the colors of nation. This pin cusion measures 9 x 9 centimeters when finished.



Patriotic Pin Cushion

For this project you will need:

- scrap fabric in the colors of red print, white and blue print
- white sewing thread
- white country star button
- batting
- basic sewing supplies

Flag Pattern 400
Block placing pattern


Cutting out the blocks:

Add 1 cm seam allowance to all pieces when cutting out. Look at the pattern for placement.

- Cut 1 x block “A” measuring 4.5 x 4.5 centimeters plus seam allowance.
- Cut 3 x block “B” measuring 1.5 x 4.5 centimeters plus seam allowance.
- Cut 3 x block “C” measuring 1.5 x 9 centimeters plus seam allowance.

Sewing Instructions:

1. First sew the three “B” pieces together. Once finished, sew the “A” piece to the left side. Press seam allowances on the back side towards the darker color.
2. Sew the three “C” pieces together. Press seam allowances toward the darker color.
3. Now sew the “C” block to the “A” and “B” blocks.
4. Measure your square and cut out an equal size for the back side of the pin cushion.
5. Pin the back and the front of the pin cushion with right sides facing and sew a seam around, leaving an opening for turning. Clip corners and turn.
6. Stuff the pin cushion and hand sew opening closed.
7. Sew a 3/4 centimeter seam around the pin cushion.
8. Hand stitch the heart on the blue field.





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