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Patriotic Paper Heart Wall Decoration

Kids can create these hearts out of cardboard and corrugated card in the colors of red, white and blue to show their pride for their country.



Craft for Kids - Patriotic Paper Heart 2

For this project you will need:

- sturdy cardboard that is still easy enough to cut through
- corrugated card in the colors of red, white and blue
- ruler
- scissors
- craft glue for paper
- pencil

Craft Pattern:

Patriotic Heart Pattern 100

1/2 of a Patriotic Heart (to create a template, fold a piece of thin cardboard in half and place the heart middle exactly on the folded edge. Trace and cut out. When opened, you will have a complete heart.on a cereal box. Use this to trace the heart onto your selected cardboard to be used for this project.






Patriotic Paper Heart Tutorial 1
1. Cut out the heart shape out of cardboard. Use a pencil and mark off the areas of the heart. Each stripe has a width of 3 cm (or choose any width you like to create more or less stripes).

Patriotic Paper Heart Tutorial 2
2. Then cut the red and white corrugated card into 3 cm wide strips. Cut the red stripes perpendicular to the white stripes for an interesting effect. Glue the strips onto the heart shape. The ends can hang over the edge. These will be cut away in the next step.

Patriotic Paper Heart Tutorial 3
3. Turn the heart over and cut along the heart shape to remove the ends that are overhanging.

Patriotic Paper Heart Tutorial 4
4. Now add the blue card to the remaining corner. Again turn it over to cut away excess hanging over the edge. Afterwards you will have again a heart shape.

Patriotic Paper Heart Tutorial 5
5. Add a star of white corrugated card to the top left corner and the heart is finished.

Craft for Kids - Patriotic Paper Heart 1
Hang the heart on the door, the wall or refrigerator.





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Craft for Kids - Patriotic Paper Heart



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