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Patchwork Wall Hanging With Ohio Star Blocks

This patchwork project is easy to sew and is perfect for small spots in your home, or you can choose to create more blocks to create a wall quilt.



Sewing Craft - Patchwork Wallhanging - Ohio Star

For this project you will need:

- fabric scraps in dark blue, dark green and white
- matching dark blue fabric for strips and backing
- batting
- quilters ruler
- basic sewing supplies

* Sew all pieces together with a 1/4” or 7mm seam allowance.


1. Cut 30 white squares, 10 dark blue squares and 8 dark green squares all the same size of your choice.
2. Cut each square diagonally through the middle so you now have 96 triangles.
3. Sew 24 white triangles into 12 squares.
4. Sew 16 white triangles with 16 green triangles so that you have now 16 white/green squares.
5. Sew 20 white triangles with 20 blue triangles so that you now have 20 white/blue squares.
6. Using the picture as a guide, arrange and pin your blocks row per row.
7. Sew each row together for the first block.
8. Sew each row together for the second block.
9. Sew each row togethter for the third block.
10. Once all 3 blocks are finished, measure the width of a block and cut 4 strips of fabric the same width and a height of choice.
11. Pin the strips between the blocks, one on the top and one on the bottom and sew the pieces together.
12. Measure the length of the piece. Cut 2 strips the length you measured and the same width of the above strips. Pin these strips to the patchwork piece and sew in place.
13. For the backside, measure the whole patchwork piece and cut out a piece of fabric the same size. Cut out also a piece of batting slightly smaller than this piece. 
14. Pin the pieces with the wrong sides together with the batting on the top. Sew the sides together leaving an opening for turning. Trim excess seam allowance away, if necessary and turn.
15. Hand sew the opening closed.
16. If you wish, you can quilt the piece together by stitching in the ditch.
17. Hand sew two loops to the backside for hanging, if you wish.





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Sewing Craft - Patchwork Wallhanging - Ohio Star



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