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Colorful Paper Owls

A whole parliament of cute and colorful owls have come to visit.



Paper Owls 2

For one owl you will need:

- heavy card in two shades of the same color
- heavy card in white, black and dark yellow
- white dimensional paint
- glue
- scissors

Recommended Ages: 7 and older

Time required: after the templates have been created, about 15-30 minutes depending on child’s tracing, cutting and gluing skills - additional time will be required for the white paint on the eye to dry

Craft Pattern:

Paper Owl Template

Paper Owl Template





Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

First of all, print out the pattern (left) and glue the page onto the back of a cereal box or similar. Cut out the shapes and use these to trace around with.

Instructions for one owl:

Tracing and Cutting

Trace the two larger circles onto the first color you wish to use for the owl and cut out.

Trace the head piece and the wings (one in reverse) on the second chosen color for the owl and cut out.

Trace the small circle twice onto black card stock and cut out.

Trace the medium sized circle twice onto white card and cut out.

Trace the foot twice (once in reverse) and the beak once onto the yellow card and cut out.

Assembling the Owl

Paper Owl Tutorial 1
1. Trace circle #1 onto the the card color you have chosen to use for the body and cut it out. Trace the head piece onto the other card stock color and cut it out. Glue both pieces together as you see in the image above.

Paper Owl Tutorial 2
2. Glue the small black circles onto the white ones and then glue these onto the head. Glue the beak underneath between the eyes.

Paper Owl Tutorial 3
3. Glue the wings onto circle #2 like you see in the image above. If they are not in that exact position, that is fine. It is just important that they are glued onto the body in a similar way.

Paper Owl Tutorial 4
4. Glue the head onto the body, covering the top of the wings.

Paper Owl Tutorial 5
5. Now the feet get glued on from underneath so that they hang down from the body.

Paper Owl Tutorial 6
6. Add a white dot onto the eye to give it expression. Now you are finished with the owl. You can poke a little hole at the top and hang it up somewhere.

How to Make Patterns and Permanent Templates

How to Make Patterns and Permanent Templates


Paper Owls 1

Paper Owls 3

Paper Owls 4
Who can resist those big eyes?





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Paper Owls





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