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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Paper Napkin Applique or Decoupage with Paper Napkins

Try this technique on all sorts of items made of wood, ceramic, glass, terracotta, tiles, cardboard, metal, etc... Important is that the underground is a lighter color, so that the napkin motif will show.

When doing paper napkin applique on shiny and smooth surfaces, it may be necessary to prime the surface first to make it rough enough for the napkins to adhere to it.



Serviettentechnik 1

1. Base coat the item to be decorated with a light color of acrylic paint (or other paint of choice) and let it dry.

Serviettentechnik 5

2. Tear out around the chosen design from your paper napkin or cut your motif exactly out and remove the bottom layers. All you have now is the single top layer to work with.

Serviettentechnik 7

3. Brush a small area on to the item to be decorated with a thin layer of glue and place the napkin on the item and using a soft paint brush. Paint a bit thicker layer of applique glue over the napkin. Start from the center and work your way out to the outer edges. Simultaneously work the wrinkles out while doing so.  Try to work carefully and avoid ripping the napkin.

Serviettentechnik 8

4. Let the napkin dry and repeat if necessary on the other side of the item. More pieces may be required, depending on what you are decorating. You will notice white areas on this clay pot. These need to be filled. On other items this may not be necessary. It depends on what you are decorating and how much area the napkin covers.

Serviettentechnik 9

5. To blend the napkin in with the background, use a paint similar to that of the napkin, and sponge the paint onto the empty spaces in between the napkins.






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