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Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs

Pretty colorful origami paper was used to decorate these eggs in a mosaic style. Each egg is unique and the decoupage glue adds a soft luster to the finish. It is a simple cut and paste project and also fun for kids to do as well.



Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs 1

For this project you will need:

- either emptied and cleaned out real eggs or plastic Easter eggs with a hole at the top
- wooden shishkabob stick to place egg on while working on it
- origami paper in colors of your choice
- decoupage glue of choice
- scissors
- soft flat brush to brush on glue


1. Cut the origami paper into triangle shaped (or other shapes of choice) pieces of all sizes and angles.
2. Brush on glue on the egg and place the first piece on the glue. Brush glue over the piece and add then the next piece, leaving a small border between the pieces.
3. Continue adding the next pieces in the same manner until the entire egg is completely covered with the paper.
4. Set aside to dry.

Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs 2
The eggs look pretty in all colors and when arranged in a group, they are the prettiest.




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Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs





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