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Scrapbook Paper Mitten Tree Ornament

With decorative Christmas scrapbook paper and a couple of jingle bells, you can create this mitten within an hour. Batting gives the mitten some dimension.



Scrapbook Paper Mitten Decoration or Tree Ornament

For this project you will need:

- textured cardstock for the cuff
- scrapbook paper of choice
- 2 small jingle bells
- ribbon to match paper
- matching sewing thread
- batting
- stick glue
- glue (to adhere the ribbon bow)

Craft Pattern:

Mitten Pattern

Mitten Craft Template






1. Print out you pattern and trace the mitten form on the backside of your choice of scrapbook paper. Flip the pattern and trace again. Cut out the two mitten pieces.
2. Repeat step one also for the cuff except trace on the backside of the textured cardstock.
3. Use the stick glue and adhere the two cuff pieces to the two mitten pieces. Before the glue dries, make sure the front and backsides of the mitten match up.
4. Place the front mitten over the back mitten and start at the top side to sew around the mitten shape. Use a decorative zig-zag stitch. Continue until you reach the the top of the other side. Leave the top open to fill with batting.
5. Stuff with batting, then insert a ribbon loop for hanging. Sew the top now closed. 
6. Sew a straight stitch across the mitten cuff for a quilted effect.
7. Create a bow using the ribbon and tie a jingle bell on each end.




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