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Paper Maché Valentine’s Day Heart

It is so inexpensive to create this paper heart with just a cardboard box piece, paper, wire and heart beads. Add a loop and use it to hang as a Valentine’s Day ornament.



Paper Maché Valentine's Day Heart

For this project you will need:

- cardboard box
- white paper
- wallpaper glue
- fiber paper in the colors of red and dark red
- thin curly wire
- red heart beads of choice
- decoupage glue
- craft glue

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Valentine Hearts

Heart Templates






1. Print out your heart template and trace onto cardboard and cut out. If you would like your heart to be thicker cut out one or two more same sized hearts and glue each to each other in layers so you have just one thick heart.
2. Tear pieces of your white paper and dip each into wall paper glue. Glue the paper all around the heart shape until it is completely covered. Let it dry completely before continuing.
3. Tear your fiber paper and glue it on both sides and the side walls of the heart until entire heart is covered.
4. Once dry, wrap wire beaded with heart beads around the heart.
5. Attach a wire as a loop if you would like to hang the heart.

Paper Maché Valentine's Day Heart 2
Homemade Paper Mache Heart




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