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Paper Maché Picture Frame with Cats

If you are searching for a gift idea and are not quite sure what to give, or would like to add a new piece of art to a room in your home, why not create this quick and easy project? There are many paper napkins to choose from and you are sure to find something you like. Once completed, the project looks like a real painting and adds an elegant touch to any room where it is hanging.



Summer Craft Project - Decorated Paper Maché Frame with Cats Motif

For this project you will need:

- paper maché picture frame (outside measuring 27 cm x 27 cm and inside of frame 20 cm x 20 cm - frame is in one piece
  with backing already attached)
- paper napkin with motif of choice (this design portraits cats created by Rosina Wachtmeister)
- decoupage glue
- gold paint
- gold sparkle dimensional paint (optional)
- flat paint brush
- white and gold acrylic paint
- clear acrylic sealant


1. First of all, paint white on the inside section of the frame. This will help that the motif has more brilliance. Once the paint is dry, paint the remainder of the frame with gold paint and let dry.
2. Take the decoupage glue and paint over the white section. Separate all but the top layer of the paper napkin and place this layer over the glue. Use the paint brush to smooth out any wrinkles. See the tutorial below for more tips and help. Let the project dry.
3. Once dry, you may wish to use your paint brush and spread a extremely thin amount of dimensional paint over the frame and motif for a little sparkle.
4. Use clear acrylic sealant to protect your paper napkin if desired.

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Summer Craft Project - Decorated Paper Maché Frame with Cats Motif



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