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Paper Kite Decoration

Fall winds are perfect for kids to go out and fly their kites! So many colors and designs fill the sky and it is lots of fun watching the kites soar. But when the weather is rainy and kids are forced to stay indoors, they can spend the time creating this kite instead to decorate their windows or doors.



Paper Kite Decoration for the Fall

For this project you will need:

- green, red, blue, yellow and white corrugated cardboard
- scrap pieces of black and white cardstock
- 1.5 cm pair of wiggle eyes
- red cording
- strong tacky glue (A quick alternative to tacky glue is hot glue. When kids are using the hot glue, parental supervision is
  recommended at all times to prevent burns.)
- hole puncher to create white speck on the nose

Ages 7 and up

Craft Patterns:

Kite Pattern

Kite Shape

Kite Bow, Mouth and Nose Patterns

Bow, Nose and Mouth






1. Print out the kite pattern so that it fits your printer sheet and create a template out of cardboard.
2. Print out the facial and bow shapes so that the full length of the bow measures around 8 cm and create cardboard templates as well.
3. Trace the templates now on corrugated cardstock. You will need 1 kite, 1 nose, 1 mouth and 7 bows.
4. Cut out the shapes and glue 4 bows on each corner of the kite. Glue now the wiggle eyes, the nose and the mouth on the kite. Create a white speck and glue it on the nose.
5. Turn the kite over. Cut a piece of cording for the top and form a loop and adhere it to the top. Use paper clips to hold until glue dries.
6. Cut a longer piece of cording and adhere the 3 remaining bows to it. Also use paper clips to hold these to the cording until dry.
7. Adhere the top part of the cording to the bottom of the kite under the bottom bow. Let it dry.





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Paper Kite Decoration for the Fall





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