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Scrapbook Paper 3D Joy Decoration

This frugal and cute paper project costs only the price of one sheet of scrapbook paper and about 2 hours time. You can make it as plain as you like or choose to embellish it with stickers or small objects to pep it up.



Joy Paper Christmas Decoration 2

For this project the following supplies were used:

- 1 sheet of Christmas scrapbook paper of choice (the paper I used was a 2-sided patterned paper.
- “JOY” template
- scissors
- ruler
- pen or pencil for tracing
- wet glue
- scoring board is very handy for this project

Template (click on thumbnail to open larger image):
Joy Template

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Joy Tutorial 2
1. Print out the template so that it fits the whole width of your paper. The letters are about 8.5 cm high. Adhere the page to a cardboard box side like a cereal box. Then cut the letters out and you have sturdy templates you can trace around.

Trace each letter twice on the backside of your chosen piece of scrapbook paper and cut them out. Remember to turn the letter “J” around for one of the cuts. The other letters are symmetrical.

Paper Joy Tutorial 3
2. Now you have each letter doubled.

Paper Joy Tutorial 4
3. From the same scrapbook paper, cut 2.5 cm or one inch strips of paper. You will need 4 strips in total, if you make your letters the same size as the project size.

Paper Joy Tutorial 5
4. A creasing board with inches is handy. Crease then 1/8 creases on each of the long sides of your paper strips. Fold and burnish the creases.

Paper Joy Tutorial 6
4. Then cut into the creased 1/8 area until the creased line at about every 1/4 inch. They look like little tabs and make the paper easier to fold around the shapes.

Paper Joy Tutorial 7
5. Now you can add glue to the outer edge of the letters. Let the glue dry a minute or so, that way it becomes tackier.

Paper Joy Tutorial 8
6. Then place the cut tabs down onto the glue and follow the shape of the letter as good as possible.

Align the edge of the strip to the edge of the letter. Use your fingers to press down on the tabs so they will stick well onto the letter. Then do the remaining part of the letter in the same manner.

Paper Joy Tutorial 10
7. Press the tabs flat and add glue to them. Then you can press the second letter onto them. Try to position the letter as good as possible and make sure all tabs are underneath it.

Paper Joy Tutorial 12
8. Continue with the remaining letters. For the “J” leave the tops open and for the “Y” leave the tops and bottom open.

Paper Joy Tutorial 14
9. To close the tops and bottom, cut a 2.5 cm or one inch piece of the paper strip you have been using for the sides. Place glue then on the tabs. Before closing the letter “J” totally, place a couple of items such as beans, beads or rice in the letter. Why? The letter “J” is not symmetric and will lopside if the extra weight is not added. Then when the letter is closed, all you need to do is shake the extra weight in place and the letter will stand straight.

Because the letters hardly weigh anything, you can consider added a little weight to any of the letters. Also, the letters that are round at the bottom can have a tendency to roll and the extra weight will prevent that.

Paper Joy Tutorial 15
10. ... and insert the piece into the hole, adjusting it as necessary to get a good fit. It should fit well since the measurements are the same as the letter.




Joy Paper Christmas Decoration 3

Joy Paper Christmas Decoration 1

Joy Paper Christmas Decoration 4

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