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Paper Bouquet of Spring Flowers for Motherís Day

This is a beautiful and creative way for kids to give flowers and is also so fun to do. And the great thing is... these flowers will not wilt away after a couple of days! If the kids would like, they could fill a flower pot of choice with sand, place some moss or fake grass over the sand and insert the flowers in a decorative way. Then, if they want, they can wrap a pretty matching ribbon around the pot and tie it into a bow. A mother will be so proud of her gift.



Spring Paper Craft - Color Paper Flower Bouquet

For this project you will need:

- construction paper or cardstock in the colors of red, purple, pink, orange, white, green and yellow
- wooden skewers or sticks
- green paint or green permanent marker
- stylus and small piece of fun foam or thick cardboard (for embossing details in the leaves and flower petals)
- scissors
- strong craft glue or hot glue (parents please assist when kids are using a hot glue gun)

Ages 9 and older

Craft Templates:

Flower Bouquet Templates 100

Flower Bouquet Templates






1. The first thing you need to do is paint or mark the skewers green and set aside to dry so they will be ready when you are finished creating your flowers.
2. Print out the flowers to the fullest size of your pinter paper (or a size you want) and make permanent templates with them by gluing the pattern sheet onto a cereal box and then cutting out each flower. Then you can trace around each cardboard flower as many times as you like.

Scoring lines down the flower petals
3. Once your flowers are cut out, use the stylus and foam pad and score a line down each flower petal.

Bending the petals
4. Then bend the score line a little to the middle to add dimension to the flower petals. Glue different colored circles onto the centers.
5. Now you can glue the flowers to the skewers.
6. If you want leaves, print out leaves and trace onto the green paper. You can use the leaf pattern from this
template or draw your own. If using the pattern, print it out to a size that will be suitable for the flowers you are making. Then score a line down the center of the leaf and fold it a little towards the middle. Now the leaf can be glued onto the skewer, just below the flower.

Pretty Paper Flowers

Spring Decoration - Paper Flower Bouquet

Spring Flowers

Paper Flower Bouquet for Mother's Day
Motherís Day will be special this year!




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Spring Paper Craft - Color Paper Flower Bouquet





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