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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make a Stained Glass Paper Fish Window Decoration

This is a fun project for kids. Younger kids should only use child-safe scissors to cut the fish out. Older kids can use a craft knife under adult supervision.



Fish Window Decoration Tutorial 1

1. Print out your fish template and glue it onto stable cardboard to create a stable template that can be used many times over.

Fish Window Decoration Tutorial 3

2. Cut out the inside lines of the fish and the outside fish shape of the template. 

Fish Window Decoration Tutorial 2

3. Place 2 sheets of black cardstock over of each other. Paper clip the template together to these sheets and trace the fish shape. Once traced, remove the template, but leave the 2 black sheets paper clipped to each other to hold them together while cutting.

Fish Window Decoration Tutorial 4

4. Once cut out, you have two exact fish.

Fish Window Decoration Tutorial 5

5. Place the first piece of transparent paper over one of the inside holes. Trace with a pencil onto the black area around the shape. Cut the shape out and place glue onto the black area around the shape. Press the paper onto this area. Continue with the next inside areas until all are filled.

Fish Window Decoration Tutorial 6

6. Once you are finished, glue the fish onto the second fish so that the glued papers are sandwiched on the inside between the 2 black fish shapes. Punch a hole through the top to tie a thread through for hanging.




Paper Fish Decoration
Paper Fish
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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