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Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

A package that came in the mail recently was full of corrugated paper that was used to protect the item that was sent. The paper was in perfectly good condition so throwing it away would have been a shame. So ideas were needed on how to re-use some of it. With Easter coming soon, it seemed appropriate to make an Easter basket with some of it. The result is a natural looking decorative basket that only cost a couple of drops of hot glue and a little time to make.



Corrugated Paper Easter Basket 1

For one basket you will need:

- hot glue gun
- scissors
- ruler
- material and eggs to fill the basket
corrugated paper cut to these sizes: one strip that measures 2 x 43 centimeters for the rim of the basket, four strips that
  measure 3 x 28 centimeters for the basket itself and one strip that measures 2 x 26 centimeters for the handle


Corrugated Paper Easter Basket Tutorial 1
1. Close and glue the rim piece into a ring.

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket Tutorial 2
2. Glue the first 2 basket pieces centered inside the rim so that the edges match the top edge of the rim.

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket Tutorial 5
3. After adding each strip, make sure to place a drop of glue on the bottom most piece before adding the next strip. This will help secure the basket from the bottom and make it more stable.

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket Tutorial 4
4. Then glue the remaining two basket pieces centered between the first two pieces and also lined up with the top rim of the basket. This is how it looks from the inside of the basket.

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket Tutorial 3
5. This is how it looks from the outside of the basket.

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket Tutorial 6
6. This is how the basket looks when it is finished. All it needs now is the handle. The ends of the handle get glued inside the basket with the corrugated sided facing outwards.

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket 2
This basket is very lightweight and should only be used for decorative purposes.




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